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  • Pole Trainer (Polebatics)
  • Piloxing® Instructor
  • Piloxing® Knockout Instructor
  • Piloxing® ELITE Instructor
  • The Mix by Piloxing® Instructor
  • Instructor Workshop Flexibility by Mario Valentino (Valentino Brothers)
  • Functional Myofascial Trainer
  • Stretch your limits® Instructor
  • Zertifizierter Fitnesstrainer B-Lizenz
besuchte Workshops
  • Pole by Justine McLucas (Miss Poledance UK 2011 Runner Up & Best Entertainer)
  • Pole by Pink Puma (World Pole Dance Championship 2nd Place 2014)
  • Pole by Valerie Bonalume (2 times Italian Pole Dance Champion, Judge for National and International competitions )
  • Pole by Michelle Shimmy (Miss Pole Dance Australia 2013 First Runner up, international pole instructor )
  • Pole by Vladimir Karachunov (international performer, poletricker, entertainer and instructor )
  • Pole by Markus Schlögl (Triple Mister Austria 2013-2015, Mister Pole Dance Globe 2015 )
  • Pole by Sasja Lee (NAPA 2014 Champion, Queen Mary Pole Championship 2014 Champion)
  • Pole by Alex Shchukin (Mr. Poledance World Winner, World Pole Sports Champion)
  • Pole by Doris Arnold (3rd Place European Championship 2012, Semifinalist Miss Poledance World 2011)
  • Pole by Phoenix Kazree (Female Elite Champion of Pole Art Italy 2015, Pole Athlete of the Year at the APFC 2011)
  • Pole by Travis Scott (Australian Fitness Champion 2013, Mr. Boylesque Queensland 2013)
  • Pole by Britt Bloem (Miss Pole Dance Austria 2014/2015)
  • Pole by Daria Chebotova (The Russian master of exotic pole flow )
  • Pole by Emily Fogg (2016 Pandemonium Pole Art voting comp 2nd place)
  • Pole by Joanna Littlewood-Johnson (WINNER ULTIMATE CHAMPION (Masters) IPC 2015)
  • Pole by Maddie Sparkle (1st place Pole Dance Universe, 2nd place Miss Poledance Australia 2015)
  • Flexibility by Kristina Nekyia (burlesque performer, dancer and circus contortionist )
  • Flexibility by Felix Cane (2 time World Pole Dance Champion, 3 Time Australian Pole Dance Champion)
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